Commit 0911180a authored by ogomez92's avatar ogomez92


parent 193d143f
......@@ -37,8 +37,7 @@ this.contents.static.push(new Cone(this));
render() {
//panner.setListenerOrientation(Math.sin(this.player.alpha), 0, Math.cos(this.player.alpha));
panner.setListenerOrientation(Math.cos(this.player.alpha), 0, Math.sin(this.player.alpha),0,1,0);
panner.setListenerOrientation(Math.sin(this.player.alpha), 0, Math.cos(this.player.alpha));
for (const i of this.contents.dynamic) {
if (typeof i.sound !== undefined) {
i.sounds.update({x: i.x, y: i.y, z: i.z});
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